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Minnesota License Lookup

Minnesota is a popular state for job-seekers due to all the opportunities. If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll discover that many top choices require licenses. This Minnesota license lookup will help you learn the licensing requirements for the best jobs in the state. After you browse the Minnesota license lookup, you’ll be a step closer to starting your new career in the state.

Minnesota Business License

If you want to operate a business in Minnesota, begin by choosing a business type and registering the company. Then you will determine if you need a business license to operate in the state. Different departments issue licenses for various businesses. The Minnesota Secretary of State website provides resources for those who need to register a business.

Minnesota Contractor License

If you want to become a licensed contractor in MN, begin by registering your business entity. You also need to get general liability insurance, as well as workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. Designate a qualifying person to take the exam. The qualifying person must take the pre-licensing exam that’s administered by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Upon passing the exam, you can submit your application to the Construction Codes and Licensing Division.

Minnesota Cosmetologist License

Do you have a GED or high school diploma? If so, you can take some steps to become a licensed cosmetologist. You must go to cosmetology school, where you’ll complete 1,550 hours of training. Then pass the Minnesota Cosmetology Exam. The exam consists of two parts, and you have to pass both to become licensed. You can then apply for your license through the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners. Once your license is in hand, you can work as a cosmetologist.

Minnesota Insurance License

Before you can become an insurance producer in Minnesota, you have to take the pre-licensing education courses. The state requires that you take 20 hours of pre-licensing education per line of authority. That means you need to take classes on Life, Accident and health, Property, Casualty, and Personal Lines. You can take the classes online or in person. After you take the classes, you can sit for your licensing exam. Pearson VUE administers the exam, and you’ll find out if you passed before you leave. You’ll need to get fingerprinted, and then you can apply for your license via Sircon. Keep up with the continuing education requirements so your license will remain valid.

Minnesota Medical License

Do you want to become a licensed physician in Minnesota? Start the process by graduating from an accredited osteopathic or medical school located in the U.S., a U.S. territory, or Canada. Then you will need to finish a year of post-graduate training and take your exams. Minnesota accepts the USMLE, National Board, FLEX, and LMCC. You can also take the state exam. Once you pass the exam, you’re eligible to apply for your license. Submit your application to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Minnesota Nursing License

You can fast track your nursing career by enrolling in an approved practical nursing program. After you complete the program, register to take the NCLEX-PN through Pearson VUE and submit your fingerprints. Then fill out and send your application to the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Take the exam, and when you pass it, you will receive your nursing license in approximately 10 business days. Then you can work as a licensed nurse.

The process is similar if you wish to become a registered nurse. However, you will need to complete an approved registered nursing program and take the NCLEX-RN instead. Once you pass the test, keep an eye out for your license to come in the mail.

Minnesota Real Estate Agent License

You can embark on a career selling real estate in Minnesota by getting your license. You must be at least 18 years old and complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education. The education is broken up into three courses, and each one includes a final exam. After you complete the first course, you can take your licensing exam if you wish. Then you can take the second and third courses. You then have to reach out to a licensed broker. The broker will submit your application for you.

Minnesota Teaching License

Minnesota has a four-tier system for teaching certification. If you want to become fully certified, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree and then complete a teacher preparation program. If your teacher preparation program does not include a course in human relations, you’ll need to take one separately. After completing the program, you must take the National Evaluation Series Essential Academic Skills Test, Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations, MTLE general pedagogy test, and Essential Academic Skills Test. Then you need to submit your fingerprints so the state can run a background check. You can then apply via the Minnesota Department of Education.

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