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Sample Minnesota Banned License Plates

Minnesota Banned License Plates

Personalized license plates make your car unique and different. So, when you drive in Minnesota, you will see a lot of cars with personalized license plates. But a lot of vanity plates get rejected because they contain things, which are not appropriate and do not meet the state’s requirements.

Though the requirements differ from state to state, some points stay permanent.

  • Your personalized license plate cannot contain swear words. Otherwise, it will get a rejection.
  • Then, the plate cannot have religious content.
  • The vanity plate must not have a sexual connotation.

The Department of Public Safety in Minnesota supervises the personalized license plates.

The main reasons for the Minnesota Banned License Plate

There are a lot of reasons, which will make your request banned in Minnesota. Here you can find some main reasons.

  • If the personalized license plate reproduces any existing line of license plates, the DPS will reject your request.
  • If your requested plate is reserved for future use, it will get a rejection.
  • The plate, which has a religious connotation, will be banned in Minnesota.
  • If your personalized license plate contains a sexual message, the DPS of Minnesota will reject your request.

You can order your personalized license plate in two ways. You can order it either by mail or at the DVS Office in Minnesota.

Examples of Minnesota Banned License Plate

Here you can find some examples of Banned License Plates in Minnesota.

  • WHSKY?
  • IH8 DMV
  • FKYOU2
  • I H8 WIS
  • B1TCH1N

Do custom plates cost money in Minnesota?

If you want to order a personalized license in Minnesota, you have to pay $100. For the filing fee, you need to pay $10.00. And additionally, you have to pay the renewal fee.

The requirements of the personalized license plate in Minnesota

Your plate can have a maximum of 7 characters for the passenger vehicles in Minnesota. And for the rest of vehicles, the maximum number of characters is 6. You can have any combination of numbers (0 to 9), letters (A to Z), Hyphens, and Spaces. But all the plates must have just one letter on them.

What types of vehicles can have personalized license plates in Minnesota?

You can have your personalized license plate on the following types of vehicles in Minnesota.

  1. The first type is passenger class vehicles.
  2. So, the second type is one-ton pickups.
  3. Then, the next type is motorcycles.
  4. And the last type is self-propelled recreation vehicles.

How can you order your Minnesota personalized license plate?

  • Firstly, to order the vanity plate, you have to visit the Requirement Page of the Department of Public Safety Personalized License in Minnesota.
  • After that, you have to complete the application for ordering your vanity plate.
  • Then, you must apply in person at the DVS office in Minnesota. Or you can submit the application and send them by mail to the Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Service in Minnesota.

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